Finance: Wendy Carriere   

Communications: Barb Hicks - This committee seeks to improve communication and awareness for the St. Mark community, both within the parish as well as to the surrounding communities.

We use local media, posters, our weekly bulletins etc. to disseminate information about church events and general church information. We maintain the website, Facebook page and Photo Wall, and are currently looking into other social media outlets to improve our communication skills. We often use MailChimp to get the word out via email. This is a quick and efficient way of getting important info to parishioners quickly.

We sit on the Vestry, committed to keeping the parish well informed of all that is happening within this community. We encourage people to check out the website regularly and to visit and follow our Facebook page ( Please let us know if there is something that we should be posting, or if you have photographs of events you’d like to post. 

Stewardship: Clive Field - Stewardship is being responsible for what we have been given. We are part of God's kingdom and we need to accept the responsibility for a role in that kingdom. Jesus gave us the parable of the good and faithful servants who accepted stewardship of their lord's estate and made it grow. 

As stewards we do this by:

  • nurturing the members of our congregation
  • ensuring the Parish of St Mark, QB is a recognized and valued contributor to the community
  • seeking to grow the membership of the congregation and spread God's Word, 
  • supporting the protection of God's creation
  • endeavouring to ensure the financial stability of the parish 

Groups within the Parish facilitate these objectives supported by the Stewardship Committee. In addition, the Stewardship Committee seeks ways and means to support and identify additional funds to ensure financial stability of the Parish. 

Building Rentals: Neil Vennard

Envelope Secretary: Ryan Gebeors