Christian Education

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Advent/Lent/Praying w/Scripture: Joe Forsyth

Bible Study: Denise Mottle - In the past, the Parish of St. Mark has had many Bible Study groups operating in and outside the church.Currently, a men’s Bible Study group, comprised of about 7-8 men, meets every Tuesday at Bailey’s in the Village. They used to meet at 7am, but starting in January 2018 the new meeting time will be 8am. Check the Event’s Calendar at for changes.

There are a few other groups that meet twice a month at member’s homes to study passages from the Bible. Last year they looked at the “Gospel of Mark” by William Barclay and have recently begun looking at the “Letters of James and Peter” by the same author.

You have the choice of joining one of these groups or starting one of your own. It is a great way of studying the bible, meeting new friends, and keeping Jesus in your life. These groups have established a close bond over the years, and are very supportive of each other.  Aside from studying the bible, some have played mini-golf, bowled and have taken trips to the mainland. If anyone is interested in joining or starting a Bible Study group, they should talk to Denise Mottle, Vera Brassel or Bill Purdy.

Cursillo: Rob Hutchison

Library: Juanita Sahl

Safe Church: Nancy Klinger