Young Life: Douglas Lochhead - Young Life and our leaders work with kids in our local community, through our work in schools and other community programs as well as at the skate park and other venues where kids ‘hang out’.  Our mission and mandate is to work with kids who are not already part of a Church, share the gospel with them in action and words and encourage them to have a relationship with Jesus.

As a mission we do this by:

being ‘in the world’ of kids - CONTACT WORK

providing a bi-weekly evening program - CLUB

offering camping opportunities throughout the year and provide fundraising opportunities and scholarship so kids can be at camps - CAMP

having a solid foundation both in prayer and finances - COMMITTEE

We are always excited to have adults in the community join us each year for a special, ‘lunch and presentation’ in the fall as well as at CLUB and our bigger events throughout the year.

We remind our selves that “the best Young Life has yet to be done” and there are still more kids out there who need to hear the Gospel. Learn more about us at: