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To the palm cross ladies, 

I understand that Anne headed up the group of ladies that made the lovely palm crosses again this year.  I am most appreciative, on behalf of the men incarcerated at Nanaimo Correctional Centre (NCC), for the extra crosses that you all made for the Gaol.  As Chaplain Michael is newly appointed, he was quite surprised and delighted when I presented him with a bag of crosses. At each of the services on Sunday, (we do 3 services each Sunday due to security constrictions), it was explained to them how you ladies make these crosses up, including the extra ones especially for them.  21 men very gratefully accepted a cross when it was offered, and many of them reminisced about how it reminded them of happier times in their past.
I also spoke about how, each Sunday, they are prayed for during our ‘prayers of the people’ time.  They understand this concept as in each services at NCC we have a prayers of the people time when, after the leaders  short prayer, at least have the men present pray aloud for their families, for their friends and often for the victims of their crimes.  Others pray silently and all are very respectful of each others prayers.

Your prayers, all of you, both private and corporate, and the many kindnesses you do, are so important to these men.  I am mindful what Jesus said, “when you do it for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do it for me”.
Thanks again and God Bless you All,