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My mom is truly amazing because she has always been able to quote and recite poetry. Perhaps it's my own inability to remember even the shortest of poems that makes it so incredible to me that she can. This week the poem she has quoted is from the Hebrew Scriptures and to many is so familiar, "the Lord is my shepherd...". 

Hopefully this reference will motivate you either to begin your recitation or go searching through the Psalms (23) in order to read it through. Mom's frustration has always been that "someone" changed the words! From that point in our conversation we plough into the discussion about "change" and "new language". 

I tried to be helpful by saying that some of the changes in language was to make the scriptures clearer and easier to understand. For example, as a child I was always puzzled when I read the phrase, "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..." and my mind reeled because I thought that we should all want the Lord to be our shepherd. My dilemma was solved when I read a newer translation that said, "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want". That translation made infinitely more sense, because I believed that I was to trust in God my good shepherd, who would always be with me and love me. When the words find a home in my heart and head, then we will be able to show God's glory.