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We are blessed to welcome Joke Bergink to our worship today and have asked Joke to give us an update on the ministry of Precious Jewels.  She will join our worship and speak during the "sermon" time with me, and then she is going to be having a time of dialogue and presentation during the Coffee Hour beginning at 11:20 am.  Just to remind's what we say about this vital ministry:

"Like the jewels of a crown, they shall shine upon his land..."  (Zechariah 9:16)

Perecious Jewels Ministry (PJM) views every child like a jewel that is of infinite value and uniquely created in the image of God.  
As a non-government organization, Precious Jewels Ministru has been caring for vulnerable children in the Philippines since 1987.  PJM started in Smokey Mountain, the Manila garbage dump, extending to the rural villages around Mt. Pinatubo, then in 1994, responding to the hidden and neglecged childen and families living with HIV, AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.

Since 2008, PJM has been extending its borders to work with others for the healing and restoration of childen in Uganda and the region of East Africa.
Our journey coninues...
Precious Jewels Ministry envisions vibrant and healthy communities where children are able to shine like the jewels of a crown:
As a community of Christians, we seek to care for and support children living in difficult circumstances while at the same time affirming the role of the family in the child's care and development.  We respond to the infividual needs of children regardless of relicious beliefs or cultural background.

Please join us for an informational conversation about this ministry that we support through our work and energy.