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Both grandchildren in my family have special blankets that were quilted by my Mom.  Jack's quilt has fire engines and puppies and Leah's quilt is pink with Holly-Hobby figures.  It's amazing to me how much love goes into these hand made items.  I can remember the quilt my Mom made for my brother - it was complete with strips of old pajamas and dad's old shirts.  I still have it, and it keeps me warm at night.

In the next two weeks we'll be celebrating and blessing hand-crafted items, first, prayer shawls, and then a "frontal" for our altar.

The Prayer shawls are each knitted with a "prayer in every stitch" and given to people who are ill or recovering from illness.  I cherish my Prayer shawl - given at the time of my back surgery some 8 hears ago.  The altar frontal has cultural symbols from our First Nations brothers and sisters.  We are so blessed to have all creation arouind us that is so wondrful and abundant in its richness - but most especially we are blessed to have companions in prayer on our journey of faith.