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The Advent Wreath... why? 

I checked the "Google - Wikipedia" and it said: "The Advent wreath was first used by Lutherans in Germany in the 16th century." in 1839, Lutheran priest Johann Hinrich Wichern used a wreath made from a cart wheel to educate children about the meaning and purpose of Christmas, as well as to help them count its approach. Thus giving rise to the modern version of the Adent wreath. For every Sunday of Advent, starting with the fourth Sunday before Christams, he would put a white candle in the wreath and for every day in between he would use a red candle. 

The use of the Adent wreath has since spread from the Lutheran Church to many Christian denominations. All of the Advent wreaths, however, have four candles, and many of them have a white candle in the centre, the Christ candle, which is lit on Christmas Day.