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I wonder if you saw the little caricature of Mary from Downton Abbey standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree - and the caption read, "It stays until January 6th... Epiphany, it's the proper way." I laughed because it's a conversation that we have in my family each and every Christmas season... when does the tree come down?

My grandfather Harry insisted that a New Year should not see an "old" tree" - but my grandmother declared to her beloved that Christmas was a "season" not just a day. And then their son, Walter, who was the Archbishop of Rupertsland chimed in to say that Epiphany was the celebration of the "arrival of the Magi from the East." 

It was a practical reason for my mother. Her question was, "how much is the tree shedding needles?" 

But Epiphany means "revealing" and that's when Jesus was revealed to the whole world! And that's cause to celebrate! Happy Epiphany everyone!