Your wedding day is a special event in your life, and our clergy and staff welcome the opportunity to meet with you and explore ways we can be helpful in assisting you make preparations for  the ceremony that will begin your journey together as a married couple.

The priest who will officiate at your wedding will want to meet with you a few times in the months leading up to your wedding.  Some of these meetings will deal with the actual wedding service and some will be a marriage preparation course that participants have found to be an important and worthwhile part of the preparation for their wedding day and their marriage.

Our Director of Music, will assist you in choosing music that adds to your wedding day.

Our Parish Administrator, will help you sort out all those little details attached to your ceremony, including receiving your marriage license and preparing the printed order of service.

If you are considering the Anglican Parish of St. Mark as the place where you will have your marriage solemnized, please call the Parish Administrator at 250.752-5414


Baptism, a rite of entry into the church, is the sign of new life in Christ.  In baptism we are a new creation born into the life of the Church.  Water is blessed and poured over the head of the person being baptised, as he or she is named as Christ’s own in the name of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

At the Anglican Parish of St. Mark, we baptize infants and young children as well as those who come to faith as adults seeking to be received into the household of faith through baptism.

As baptism is about being made a member of the household of faith, it is important that the household participate in welcoming the new member. For this reason, baptisms at Christ Church Cathedral take place when the community is gathered, namely Sunday mornings at the 10:00 am service of worship. 

If you are considering having a family baptism, please call the church office at 250.752-5414 to speak to the clergy.

If you thinking about deepening your commitment to your life in Christ and would like to be baptized and/or confirmed call the church office (250.752-5414) and arrange to speak to the clergy about the next steps toward this commitment. 


There are many rites at the time of death and in the days that follow - prayers at the time of death; the funeral liturgy – at the funeral home or in the church; the committal of the body or the cremated remains at the graveside.

At the time of death, the clergy of the Cathedral are available to provide pastoral care and support to the family and the friends as they move through the days and the funeral process.

Prayers at the time of death, offered for those who have died and for their family and friends, help to acknowledge the death and the comfort of God in difficult times.

The funeral liturgy can take place in the church or the funeral home chapel.  The clergy of the Anglican Parish of St Mark, Director of Music and the staff can help you develop a funeral service that gives thanks for the life of the person who has died.  If the funeral takes place in the Church, our Music Director can provide musical leadership in the funeral service.

For those who would like to work through their funeral preparations in advance of their death, the clergy are willing to have those conversations and help make those plans.  Some find it helpful to have their wishes known to the family while they are healthy, so that when death does occur the family doesn’t need to wonder about what choices to make.

For more information or to make inquiries about a funeral service please contact the Parish Administrator at 250.752-5414